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Default Re: How good is Kevin Love ?

Originally Posted by Big Al All day
14 per is a little much. I wanna say 10. I mean Dwight is barely averaging 14 (last time I saw). I don't think Love could match that over a whole season.

And he really isn't that bad on defense. The problem is he just getting out matched. He is our center 6'9. Gomes is the PF 6'8. You can't expect those guys to do much defensively.
you think he would ONLY average 10 rebounds a game when he gets starter minutes (~36) hes already getting like 8.8 in 24 minutes as a rookie. in fact if i remember correctly a couple days ago against the raptors the announcers said that he was one of only 5 players ever to get 20% of the total team rebounds for players under 23
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