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Originally Posted by JohnnySic
For now, but stay tuned. And aside from Bosh, you have.....what? That hairless guy who's no better than Ryan Gomes?

Jefferson and Green both have star potential.

Celtics Criticism (CC for short) basically anonts ro NKHGAJI (Not Knowing How Good Al Jefferson Is.) That's OK though. I can forgive ignorance (stupidity is another matter though.) You'll all find out soon enough.

that hairless guy finished 2nd to chris paul in ROY voting... where was gomes?

jefferson and green havn't shown half the promise that charlie has.

and who cares how good jefferson COULD be, he's already considered injury prone... show me a list of all the players that started their career off with multiple injuries only to turn their fortunes around and become stars in this league...

for your sake johnnysic, i hope jefferson shows us SOMETHING this year... cause you've gone past the point of 'pathetic' when defending his lack of ANYTHING. one more season of minimal development = jefferson is exposed.
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