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Default Re: Ridiculous numbers I heard about the WNBA (salaries)

honestly, i think they are grossly underpaid. their boobies jiggle up and down and stuff when they run up the court and that must be extremely annoying.

okay, but to be serious, i do think they are extremely underpaid. i probably have a different opinion than most though, as my mom's best friend (whom i am very close to) has been a huge fan of the wnba since day one, and i would usually watch LA sparks games with her. honestly, i think they're terrific athletes and the games were actually really fun to watch. if you really don't think they play on a high level, try actually watching a game, i think you'll be surprised. they're professional athletes and they're excellent at what they do. making approximately 50k per year compared to their male counterparts where the absolute ****tiest players make tons more than that for playing maybe 3 minutes a game if their team is up by 20 with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter is ridiculous.
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