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Default Re: Marbury is officially a Celtic.

Originally Posted by haterofhaters
Not just his only chance at a ring, but his only shot to remain in the NBA. We don't know exactly how much talent he has left, but regardless of the talent, if he does anything to screw with team chemistry, his NBA days are over. So there's a lot more riding on him than just the pressure of on-court performance. That said, I wouldn't mind seeing the guy get a second chance.

Didnt look at it that way. Absolutely right. If something bad goes down this time around I cant see many teams taking a shot at him. There were only a couple of suitors this time around.

As crazy as the Knicks saga was, its over and done with now. I think he deserved the chance to at least play along time ago. They clearly needed to part ways as soon as the Isiah era ended. I really think he could help the Cs. Not huge numbers but PG stability when the bench comes in at least.
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