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Originally Posted by DoubleTech
why? celtics are just like the sixers... iverson and pierce are not good enough to bring these teams anywhere with the way they are currently constructed... they will maybe get you the 8th seed, or more than likely, won't get you in the playoffs, but will ensure that you are good enough not to get a solid pick in the draft.
You know what's funny to me? People no longer understand why a team or fans of a team would want to keep a 5-time All-Star. Players like Allen Iverson and Paul Pierce are the solution, not the problem; you want more of them, not less.

If the playoffs are unlikely we shouldn't have made it to the postseason 4 of the last 5 years.
yes. our youth is far superior to yours... its only a matter of time.
I don't think it's at all unreasonable to be as skeptical of your boys as you are of ours. Call me when the Raptors win 34 games. So long as you've got a crappy team we're not going to be impressed, and for the last 4 years the best you've done is 33.
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