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It's a two way street........white people would overall possibly like him a little bit more, for instance middle-aged people would praise him for being a fine citizen/speaking eloquently, other BS.

But overall I think it's clear he would be less popular overall. He's already as famous as it possibly gets. So what fans is he gonna gain? On the other hand, i'm sorry but this is people don't look up to great white athletes. It's true, generally. Granted, there's far less of them ESPECIALLY in basketball. But Spike Lee puts it best in his book how his neighborhood practically got in an uproar when someone proclaimed Larry Bird the best in the game. I think even in the movie, the follow up line is "Best? Well, he's the ugliest motherf*cker in the game." He even went to the courts and asked everyone on the court who's better, him or Magic......all Magic. Think race didn't play a part of that? Even someone like Babe Ruth, how much do you hear about Babe Ruth possibly having black genetics in him?

Granted what I said above is very stereotypical but like Rasheed said, how can you NOT be when discussing this subject? Black kids aren't gonna look up to a great white athlete like a white kid is gonna look up to a great black athlete.......history has proven that.
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