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Default Re: Rockets waive Luther Head

Originally Posted by TheGame414
You're half-right.

The Rockets did this as a courtesy to Luther Head. He obviously didn't fit into their plans any longer, and that happens in pro sports, even to capable players.

Just two years ago, Luther averaged 10.9 points, 3.2 boards and 2.4 assists for a 50-win team, and was fourth in the league in 3pt% at .441 and sixth in 3pt field goals with 177. He didn't get worse in the meantime, I promise you. He's 26 years old, hasn't lost any athleticism in the last two years (though he's not the athlete he was in high school before injuries in his early years at Illinois forced him into becoming a more skilled player)

In other words, he's capable of contributing to a good team and brings an elite specific skill with him in his outside shooting. If you can do something at that high of a level like Luther can, you're going to have a job.

not questioning his ability. He obviously has great range. But he is a shooting guard trapped in a point gaurd body. He is too small to be a effective SG in the league. Do you know WHY he shot .441 from the arc? Its because The open looks he gets from the double teams of yao and mac. take that away and he is nothing but a way undersized SG that cant create a open look for himself.
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