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Originally Posted by Rasheed1
yeah thats why henry aaron recieved death threats when he was about to pass Babe Ruth...

you've gotta be kiddin me saying people relate to blacks and want to see them do well in any sport

they sure accepted Tiger woods when he won his first masters...Fuzzy zeller even offered to serve him chicken at the dinner.......

First of all, Aaron broke the record in 1974??? (guessing). Times have changed. Get with the program....

Actually, it didn't matter was Fuzzy or the elitist white golf community thought, it only mattered what the PUBLIC thought. We love the guy. Nike gave him a gazillion dollars. Why do you think that was? Hmmmm? hmmm? Give it to me...because he was....wait for it...wait for it....a kick ass black/asian golfer.....that's GOOOD marketing...we love black athtletes....especially if they are considered underdogs in their sport...
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