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Originally Posted by dgbigballer9329
Sampras didn't not get love because he's white. He didn't because he was boring. Agassi always got recognition and had the fame because he was stylish, he had style, flavor, whatever you want to call it. Dirk doesn't get the national recognition because he hasn't quite earned it yet. He's gotten no rings, he plays in Dallas (not NYC, Chicago or LA) and isn't flashy either.

But your premise isn't completely unfounded.

Yes, being popular isn't as simple as black and white (no pun intended). But race helps. If Sampras had same boring persona, but just happen to be black, his popularity would be a lot higher in general.

Look at the Williams sisters? We LOVE them (or maybe loved them). They are great AND black in a white sport. And they are SISTERS. Oh, we adore them...who wouldn't?

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