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Originally Posted by Rasheed1
lilttle over 30 years ago?.... things havent changed that much since 74...

NIKE gave Tiger a gazillion dollars because he is obviously the best golfer on the planet....not because he is black or asian..

If he got it because 'america loves blacks' then where is my gazillion dollars? I want my share too.



If you don't think anything has changed in 30 years, well you are just not paying attention.

Black people have been popular since the '80s. Wake up!!! Cosby Show, Oprah, Hip Hop, Rap, Jordan of are comparing the 1970's to the 2000's and don't think there is a difference in our culture. I would suggest not going into Marketing as a profession....

Also, Tiger got a gazillion dollars because he's the best golfer in the world AND AND AND happens to be black (and asian). If Tiger were white, no one would care about him at all. Would you? would you even know who he was? He would be lumped in with the Duvalls, and the Dalys and the other rich white pristine golfers we care nothing about....we all know that to be true....
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