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**** you, Hugo. I'm not being racist. I am not caling anyone a niggger, making fun of certain people, etc. I advise you to keep your fingers off the keyboard for awhile. Take a time-out, kinder garden style.

It's fact that the average black person has more fast-twitch fibers then the regular white guy. They are superior to whites in terms of athletic ability because they had to endur a lot more physical stuff back in the day. While white people sat on their ass and whipped, blacks were doing hard labour. Is that being racist? I guess schools across the world are guilty of being racist because it's what they teach.

No school teaches that. Now I wonder what school you go to. Is it also a fact that white people are more intelligent than blacks?...There's even much stronger evidence/reasons to beleive that. It's not in the genetics, it doesn't matter if you're black/white.If it's in the genetics, why isn't every black person more atheletic than every white person?....Why are the best high jumpers in the world not black?...Even more outstanding is this, why aren't mixed people in the middle spectrum when it comes to atheleticism?...Yeah, keep bullsh!tting high school dropout.

You're racist for claiming that one group is superior to another in a certain aspect due to their race. Go back to school, look up the definition of being racist.
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