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Default Re: Rockets waive Luther Head

Originally Posted by 1~Gibson~1
You could never be too sure. Your starting PG could get hurt in the first round. At least you can put him in and make him stand in the corner

im guessing an established team already has depht at the guard position. guys that have been around the team all season and knows the plays and the organization knows these players closely.

head in no way shape or from should be trusted at point guard in a playoff game.. he has been a ghost in playoff games basically meaning he cant even hit his open jumpers...

when i heard that spurs were interested, my thoughts were that spurs are a smart organization and their scouting is good therefore realizing its not worth cutting a player to sign head... that goes for other contenders.. its not like mikki moore or joe smith who will directly and can greatly contribute to a team. these veterans are consistent contributors in one way or another.
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