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Default Re: Iverson out 2 more weeks

Originally Posted by insidehoops
The Detroit Pistons announced today that guard Allen Iverson will miss the next two weeks due to a sore back at the request of doctors at Georgetown University. Iverson’s condition was evaluated at Georgetown today and it was recommended that he suspend basketball related activities for two weeks.

This will be interesting to see how the Pistons do. They'll be in a hard spot if while he's out they have a pretty good record, then when he comes back and plays if they're record falls yet again before the playoffs. Becuase then you ask yourself, "Do we use Iverson in the playoffs even though seemingly the team plays worse when he's on the floor, or just go with the flow and just play through it?" I'm sure we'll have a lot of The Canswer threads. I'm sure a lot of Pistons fans are greatful he's out a least two weeks.
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