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Default Re: Gooden will put the Spurs over the top.

I think Gooden is as good a fit for the Spurs as i can think of. A PF big man that has post game, can hit the jumper, and has a good attitude. His defensive 'issues' are being over-exaggerated mostly by Cav's fans. Funny how no Bull's fans have knocked him at all for it, or anything really

I mean with Duncan being the center of attention and taking up the paint, Gooden is as perfect a complement to him where he covers everything around it, and can hit that short J as good as anyone if Duncan decides to dish it off or if he ends up doubled. They can also isolate Gooden for a post go to when Duncan's out since he's got excellent post moves. Between Parker and Ginobli they have the whole backside and perimeter covered also. I basically agree.

As long as Gooden is healthy i can't think of a better player i'd add that they could get so cheap, basically for nothing to make them contenders. I'll definitely be watching them more

the other FA pickups are a joke in relation to what the Spurs got. They really got lucky with how this worked out imo.
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