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Default Re: I just saw the biggest rat I've ever seen in my life

Originally Posted by Mississippi
So I'm just chilling listening to my ipod when something runs across the floor. I initially thought it was my puppy until I reached over my bed to pick it up. I ran like a little biatch. I have no ideal where the hell the rat went but all I know is, I'm not going back into my room tonight. No Way. It really sucks living in the country. Anyone else has had bad experiences with rats?

you need to get yourself a tool and kill the helll out of that thing for stepping into your arena. man up and show him who's boss as someone said.

once when i was visiting my grandma in the countryside i was sleeping in a century-old house on the farm as there was too many people in the main house. first morning, guess what wakes me up? a big rat running across the cot damn floor. my first reaction was to throw the nearest thing i could find at it - i hit that thing and knocked it over for a second. too bad it was a book about vikings and not a meat cleaver or something.
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