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Default Re: What if you saw someone posting on ISH?

Originally Posted by Randy
Would you go up to them and ask them their UserName? I'm posting this from a student lounge and I'm surrounded by other people, I think it would freak me out if someone came up and saw Welcome, Randy. up in the corner and was like, "Oh, so you're Randy................... Will you rep me?"

Good point. Unfortunately I'm surrounded by dipsh!ts in the computer lab who go on WoW or are doing research papers.,

Had this been the case I'd be a bit obscure at the moment and I'd try to strike up a random conversation at a random time. Be like gts once said bring 200 twinkies or ya dead. Or Isn't Randy fine and dandy eye candy or the biggest loser I've ever met in my life was a felllow by the name of GOBB. If dude catches on I be like. Me Neither!
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