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Default What is your stance on embryonic stem cell research?

President Obama has overturned President Bush's ban on providing federal funds to promote embryonic stem cell research on the cell lines (meaning the cells were made immortal so they would divide forever if raised with the proper nutrition in a petri dish) derived from donated embryos.

here are some reactions:

Keep in mind those reactions are from politicians or other lay people.

Read this article by a scientist/doctor

In essence:

Obama has allowed for scientists to research on the embryonic stem cell lines created from donor embryos that have been frozen for all this time because Bush denied using them.

However, Obama has let Congress debate whether or not they would support CREATING embryos for the sole purpose of DESTROYING them and HARVESTING them. Remember, President CLINTON opposed this measure and Bush merely held it up.

Also, ESC = fail. They injected stem cells into a boy with a disease and he ended up growing tumors.

even the more promising approach of harvesting pluripotent stem cells from adult skin cells (which does NOT require destroying embryos and can also grow different cell types) may lead to cancers.

so what is your take?

I'd say

NO on ESC... not on any moral grounds but that the firestorm of controversy hampers productivity.

YES on PSC (the one NOT made from embryos)

and I don't think they will ever get anywhere with this research. It is fool's gold
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