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Default Re: What is your stance on embryonic stem cell research?

Obama didn't go far enough. The religious fundamentalist wing of the Republican Party are a bunch of idiots that should be gotten rid of for the good of the nation and even of the Republican Party, as they scare off the intelligent by forcing their Biblical interpretations (and misinterpretations) onto American government (which also constantly circumvents the seperation of church and state). The insistence on defending the rights of a bunch of embryos in a petri dish is astoundingly stupid. Not only are these cells, simply put, not real people, which have no future if they are not used in research, but they are hindering the possible creation of cures to hundreds, maybe even thousands, of diseases plaguing mankind. This argument should be over, but these uneducated zealots that learned biology in Sunday school insist on forcing their ignorance on everyone. This shouldn't even be a political issue. Educated Republicans are in agreement. It's just these religious right-wing retards that have made this truly political "science."
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