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Default Re: What is your stance on embryonic stem cell research?

Originally Posted by Skyscraper
jeez.. read the MSNBC link I put up there written by a M.D.

I just rewrote what was on there.


Republicans and their God are hindering progress. Agreed. They just threatened to filibuster Obama's nomination of a Democrat majority in the Supreme Court.... after they called filibustering from the Democrats of Bush's majority Republican nominations "reprehensible"

but if iPSC (inducible pluripotent stem cells), derived from your own cells (no embryos would be used) could also lead to forming organs and tissue and all that, would you be in favor of that over embryonic stem cells? (as outlined in the link I provided)

Thats exactly what scientists are researching on NOW. Embryonic stem cells are likely to be phased out.
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