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Default Re: iPhone vs G1 phone

I have the TMobile G1 and love it. It is simply the best phone that I have ever had and feel completely lost when I don't have it with me.

I have two main complaints about the phone.
- The battery life is not great at all (on the plus side, you can buy an extra battery for emergencies unlike the iPhone).
- Although there is an android market to download/buy application, the phone itself comes with very limited internal memory therefore not allowing you to download all the apps you want (unless you delete other apps).

On the plus side
- There are a ton of applications available on the market (both free and paid) and many more being developed now.
- The external memory is expandable up to 16GB at this point (probably larger in the future)
- It is very easy (if you follow the right directions) to root/jailbreak the phone and modify it to your liking. I am able to install applications on the SD Card now instead of internal memory.
- Once the phone is rooted, you are able to tether it with your laptop either by a USB cable, WiFi, or Bluetooth.
- It is open source and the OS is made by google :)
- Some of my favorite apps (ShopSavvy, SnapTell, Shazam, imeem, TuneWiki, WikiTap...)
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