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Default Reason why I hate the younger generation

I'm sure most of you old farts can relate with me.

I hate them because they have "internet."

We didn't have that back then, so if we wanted to do a research paper, off we went to the microfiche and to "Dewey."


The biggest reason I hate them is....

They have instant access to PORN.

I remember growing up, and trying to catch a glimpse of a piece of titty from a scrambled cable reception. I had to stay up late and catch "En La Cama Con Porcel" (Youtube that if you don't know what I'm talking about). The best thing that I had besides that was "They Came From Outer Space" on channel 13 (L.A.). When we finally got real cable, I was relegated to "Silk Stalkings" to get my.... uhhh.... you know on. Some shows came (pun intended) and went, such as ACAPULCO HEAT and even Baywatch.

But these lucky fuhchkers have immediate hardcore pron available.

Damn I wish I was 13 in this era, I'd really have some hairy hands.
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