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Default Forum rules

No personal insults, first and foremost. Don't carry over NBA forum/OTC grudges into the Cavs forum. Lets keep the discussion basketball related. If you don't agree with what someone says, develop a strong, but clean counterargument.

I know that some of us have strong disagreements when it comes to certain Cavaliers topics. Some of you like/dislike certain players more than others, or may think that Mike Brown is a decent/terrible coach. If someone disagrees with you, just present your counter argument, using facts (if you can) and what not. I can't mod the other forums, but don't bring your non-basketball related arguments into here, please.

Whatever else I can do, lemme know. I'm not going to go back and delete old stuff that is unnecessary to the topic at hand, but with new posts from this point forward, I will. If things are left standing, it's probably because I haven't been online in awhile (not online during the weekends as much).

By the way, I can't ban, and I can't merge threads.

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