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Default An idea placed to me: Brandon Roy-Boston

AKADS posted the Chad Ford Mock to me, this is the basis:

1. Toronto: Andrea Bargani
2. Chicago: Tyrus Thomas
3. Charlotte: Rudy Gay
4. Portland: Adam Morrison
5. Atlanta: Shelden Williams
6. Minnesota: LaMarcus Aldridge
7. Boston: Brandon Roy
8. Houston: JJ Redick

Now when I look at that I am amazed. But this is a situation that could happen.

AKADS suggested that Roy and LaFrentz could be used to bring in a play such as Lamar Odom. Any takers?

I don't know what to do in this situation. Roy is a great talent no doubt, in the Paul Pierce mould. I think I would play Pierce a lot of minutes hope like hell he plays well, and then trade him to the worst team in the league for their draft pick and some good young talent.

I'd try and get two low (1-5) first rounders in the 2007 draft, meaning two shots at Oden, and if you miss him you still get 2 very very good players. Wright and Durant maybe.

If all this happened Boston would be set. Just need to drop LaFrentz and Wally on an idiot team like New York for expirers.

CT: Perkins/
PF: Jefferson/ Wright
SF: Green/ Durant
SG: Roy/ Allen
PG: West/ Greene

However I think Chad Ford is falling for teams' smoke screens. No way Thomas goes to the Bulls.
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