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Default Re: Phish no longer cares about their fans

There have always been a good bit of drug arrests at Phish shows. The band may not have liked it, but there was always that element in the lot before and after performances.

I saw the band 10 or more times in the late-90s and early-00s in both Pittsburgh and Columbus. There were always undercover cops in the lot and, at nearly every one, I saw someone getting arrested for selling drugs. It was sort of scary because the undercovers looked like your average Phish head... tie-dye shirts, long hair (some had dreads)...

This is nothing new. I would think around 150 arrests would be the norm at a Phish show in those days.

Originally Posted by bdreason
The poeple they busted were probably the idiots who show up looking to make profit off drug sells at these concerts.

I have no problem with people doing whatever drugs they want, but you can't just expect to slang your drugs to 75,000 people with no consequences.

The thing is, though, that many of the people that want to drop acid or have a toke don't always bring the drugs with them. When you go to a Phish show, you pretty much know that you will be able to get whatever you want in the lot. Why risk getting pulled over on your way to the show?

Anything that I ever did at a Phish show, I bought there. The dealers are providing a service to the concert-goers. That is how that community operates, however strange it may be to some.

It isn't even necessarily about 'making a profit.' It is like a traveling circus and everyone in the lot has a job.
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