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Default Re: Post a Picture of A School Yearbook Fail

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
Wow, never saw that. Classic ISH comedic relief.
Originally Posted by Jackass18
I think you're overreacting quite a bit. Nobody will get hurt about it since none of those people post here. Many people can look back at old yearbook pics and laugh at themselves.

Anyone with a yearbook from the '70s or earlier (maybe the '80s, too) will win...
Originally Posted by Meticode

I know you posted your pictures before. Everyone pretty much ragged on your pretty hard. Out of curiosity why don't you post your yearbook picture since you're so inclined to make fun of other people's pictures?

jackazz816, Meticode, yeah typical ISH overreacting to everything. You can have hot girls w little clothes on ( not complaining aka Latin Lovers aka best thread ever on this site) and you will get so many posts, then when liloj post somebody not so pleasing the the human eye, it is WWIII.

pete's montreux, i "sense" that since i protray at least on this forum some similar characteristics to such people you know in real life that i am just like them. Such as when i refer to myself in third person. You said it reminded you off your follow peer growing up, who though he was the shyt, and you labeled myself as a person who thinks he is the shyt. Am I right?
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