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Originally Posted by kentatm
no you are wrong. I am a TO fan BUT I watched EVERY Cows game the last 3 years when he was on the team. Many of them twice. TO CLEARLY has lost a step. Complete NOBODIES were stopping him with simple bump coverage. If you are the #1 guy you need to be able to power through that with a swim move. TO just cant do that anymore.

I dont have the stats right now but he was thrown to something like 130 times this year and only caught 69 of those balls. He was not getting to many of them b/c he either couldn't get open, dropped them or worse QUIT on the route. I can think of at least 3 INTS just off the top of my head that were b/c he slowed up on a route and at least 1 more that was b/c he tipped a ball he should have had. Sorry. You just can't have that.

his diminishing skills and absolute inability to be a smaller part of the offense without blowing up about it made it impossible to keep him.

If he was still the player he was a few years ago, Jerry wouldnt have cared about the other stuff. But b/c he isnt, that got his ass cut.
I honestly don't think that Owens lost a step...

If he did he numbers certainly didn't show it if you are to subtract the worthless games that Brad was in at QB...

Owens was pretty much on pace for his usual 13 TDs and 1,300 yard season...

I do think that his numbers will drop drastically next year for the obvious reasons...and everyone will probably say he is losing it, even though he will probably still be in better shape than every other WR in the NFL...
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