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Default Re: TO is a buffalo bill

Originally Posted by -primetime-
I honestly don't think that Owens lost a step...

If he did he numbers certainly didn't show it if you are to subtract the worthless games that Brad was in at QB...

Owens was pretty much on pace for his usual 13 TDs and 1,300 yard season...

I do think that his numbers will drop drastically next year for the obvious reasons...and everyone will probably say he is losing it, even though he will probably still be in better shape than every other WR in the NFL...

did you not see how easily defenses were taking him out of the game with simple bump coverage in the second half of the year?

aside from San Fran which stupidly played off giving him room to work, everyone else got up on him and he just could NOT break away. Jam him at the line and he is very average now.
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