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Default Re: playing basketball

I play for my university team.

However just so you know I live in London, so it's the London University basketball league.

And just so you know the competitiveness, we have great players, but our tallest guy is 6'5. he's center. I'm 6'1 and guard him in practice and play backup center. So yeh it's really not impressive being on the university team in London.

Just doing cardio and running should help, it doesn't matter how many skills you have if you are too out of shape to get down the court. I already have good handles because I used to always be guard in America, but a terrible jumper. Playing against the 6'5'' athletic beast downlow every practice is great though. Playing him I work on defensive position and low post moves and head fakes, and offensively I am better than him now and I have learned to play him strongly on defense despite the huge size disadvantage.

I don't have time to work on my jumper, wish I could though.

I guess my only advice is to play lots of games and practices against people who are bigger or better than you. and also watch players who you think your game resembles.

As I had to become a bigman on my current team, even though I'm way undersized, I started watching alot of undersized bigmen in the NBA who are effective, like Luis Scola and Al Jefferson.

Now, while my post moves are far from great, I have enough of them to be able to basically score whenever I want if I get the ball in the low post. However from the high post and beyond I am basically useless offensively.

Just play alot, and watch alot of youtube highlights of the players you think your game resembles, and try to copy the moves they do, it worked for me
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