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Default Re: playing basketball

I play maybe once a week. It's starting to warm up now though so the playing time'll pick up as well; lots of bonfires and one on one tourneys against my lil posse. There's really only one guy of the 6 or so of us that gives me problems, and the kid is unstoppable. He's Billy Hoyle, no joke. Flabby 30 something whiteguy smoking a pack a day that plays me half lit most of the time, but the dude does not miss. There's a local 3 on 3 county tourney a church puts on once a week that gets pretty nice turnouts, usually a good 15-20 teams show. Me and my team plan to continue our dominance over those punks.

Far as practice goes, I don't. I'm 25, I've come to grips that with the fact I'm not going pro, don't care about improving my game anymore, just wanna have a good time.
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