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Default Are you letting the Nets down?

there are a couple of posters here who stay with the nets and keep posting no matter what and i salute them with respect.
but most of you guys have quickly disappeared after the early 'devin harris euphoria' wore off.
because it seems you liked the fireworks but couldn't handle the daily grind.

we have struggled greatly since then, and being a nets fan has been depressing at times, but some of us manage to keep watching the games and keep posting while the rest of you seem to have disappeared.

right now i am outraged at carter, outraged at frank, and outraged at the nets in general, but one thing you can count on is that i will keep posting about the nets until the last bitter game of this latest bitter season is completely over.

so stand up right here and right now if you still care about the nets.

even moreso if you think that there is something wrong with them that needs fixing. and don't just say "frank" or "carter", because obviously the problems go deeper than any one individual.

i mean, have you seen the lameass interviews the team just gave?

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