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Default Re: Cigarette/sin taxes

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
For the record, I smoke around a pack a day. I drink plentifully. I do not have qualms with sin taxes. When there are healthier/cheaper alternatives, the pocketbook is one of, if not the, most obvious way to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Indiana is potentially increasing the cigg tax by 62 cents. Fine, if you really want people to quit dying early and are willing to put any new taxes towards already outstanding debt. The problem I have with it is that here locally, these taxes are being used to fund healthcare and other programs while being pushed through with the alleged purpose of getting people to quit smoking. So, should this reasoning prove, well, reasonable, and people really do stop where does the funding continue to come from if not other new taxes? It's this type of short term governing that only looks towards the next election that disgusts me.

people won't stop smoking though... i mean, if you're at a pack a day, can you see yourself ever stopping? doubt it.

in canada cigs are pretty heavily taxed. i think its close to $10 a pack these days and it wasn't so long ago it was only like $6 i think (i have never smoked so i'm not 100% sure) but we do it mainly to fund our health care. most of these cig smokers end up in hospitals later in life and suck up a huge amount of free healthcare so it all works out.

probably would have legalized and heavily taxed weed by now if the US wasn't so dead-set against it.
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