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Default Re: Cigarette/sin taxes

Originally Posted by DoubleTech
people won't stop smoking though... i mean, if you're at a pack a day, can you see yourself ever stopping? doubt it.

in canada cigs are pretty heavily taxed. i think its close to $10 a pack these days and it wasn't so long ago it was only like $6 i think (i have never smoked so i'm not 100% sure) but we do it mainly to fund our health care. most of these cig smokers end up in hospitals later in life and suck up a huge amount of free healthcare so it all works out.

probably would have legalized and heavily taxed weed by now if the US wasn't so dead-set against it.
meh, I was a 2 pack a day smoker of pall mall unfiltereds and I quit.

Itd be interesting to see what canada would do with dope if the US didnt so heavily tie their foreign aid and international diplomacy to the war on drugs.
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