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Default Re: Are you letting the Nets down?

Saw the game last night against the warriors. I for one will always be a die hard NJ fan and i actually enjoy watching these guys. Its fun and entertaining, but we gotta start getting some more dubba u's. Im only calm right now because im so pissed about the defence. Its about the defense. We have to start getting some stops. Yea VC had a bad game, we missed foul shots, etc. You can blame Frank, VC, Yi , or whoeever else, but the bottom line is we need to get stops. This was a game that could have been won easily. Golden state had the momentum in the 3rd and the Nets couldn't bounce back.

I would like to see Anderson getting some more minutes, i would like to see VC not look so damn depressed in the game. When he's mentally in it, he's always on fire, but when he's not he doesn't perform well. The Nets have a lot of issues to address and maybe not making the playoffs will be a good thing. It will expose the Nets weaknesses, and maybe for next season we can finally make some changes like picking up a great defender that can get stops or filling a SF void (although i am really liking Jarvis hayes right now) or maybe buying some hearts and putting it in these player's chests...

The 8th seed needs to go to a team that deserves it and plays well, possibly the Bucks or the Bobcats...
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