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Default Re: RIP Mask of TapouT

Originally Posted by BlazersDozen
People actually showed the rapper Proof, who not only shot a man who was in the United States armed forces but was apart of the most looked down on musical genre in the World, some sympathy and he got killed cuz he shot somebody.

There's still some controversy surrounding how the other gentlemen was shot and killed.

And I fail to see how the rapper is condemned, but the Armed Forces veteran is not, when they were both at an illegal after hours club on the eastside of Detroit at 4 in the morning. Note: Regardless if you're Big Meech or the Pope, being in a club on the Eastside after 4 AM while liquor is still being served is not a good idea. There's no heroes in that story.

Let this serve as a warning for anyone who plans on taking a vacation to Detroit, when it's warm out and there's a large gathering of people, it's at least a 50% chance that there will be shots fired at some point. When you factor in the amount of liquor you can consume by 4 AM also, it's probably at least an 80% chance.
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