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Originally Posted by RichMo
Kenyon Martin not good? You gotta be kidding me! Kenyon grabbed so many boards. More importantly, he would give it up to Kidd right away to start the break. He would also finish a lot of those fast breaks dunking on someones mouth. He could also post some one up. He could face them up. He could evan hit the 10-15 foot jumper. I liked Charles Oakley and have a lot of respect for the man but, He is no Kenyon Martin. Lets go through it one time.

Offensive rebounding- K-Mart-Oak Tree
Defensive rebounding- K-Mart-Oak Tree
Pick and rolls- K-Mart-Oak Tree
Running the floor-KMart
Passing- Oak Tree
Shooting-Oak Tree
Low post scoring-K-Mart-Oak Tree
Block shots-K-Mart
Defense-K-Mart-Oak Tree
better athlete-K-Mart
Enforcer-Tie (Remember..Oak was tough but, Mason & Ewing had his back) K-Mart enforced on his own.-Oak Tree
better Dunker_K-Mart

K-Mart 10 Oak Tree-3
Both Awesome players
If you still disagree with my K-Mart opinions, Check out the K-Mart montage on (Sick Dunks & Blocks)
Know your Nets Kid.
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