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Default Re: Are you letting the Nets down?

I'm still a Nets fan, but what do you honestly want me to say? The Nets are underperforming in pretty much every facet. From the management, to coaches, to the players, and everybody else. I don't think people want to hear me complain all the time, so I find other ways to vent.

The only things that we can look forward to is our big salary cap space in a couple of years, Devin Harris, and Brook Lopez. That's pretty much it. If it weren't for those things, I'd be long gone, because the Nets would essentially be tanking without a future in mind.

Rod Thorn is obviously one of the smartest in the business, but if he really meant what he said when he said that Frank is "untouchable," I really have to reevaluate his intelligence.

We can't win with Vince. He is not "winner" material. He does not seize the moment, yet he is our captain and franchise player. His inability to mentally win games and yesterday's game against GS are microcosms of how this team has the toughness of a marshmallow. When the other team goes on a run, it's over.

Right now, there are so many reasons for me to hate the Nets. But the three things I mentioned above are keeping me in. Other than that, there is absolutely no reason for me to like this team. We show no heart, we have a sh*tty record, our coach is inadequate, management is complacent and still seems optimistic about a team that probably won't make the playoffs again after 7 straight appearances, our franchise player is not a "winner," the fanbase sucks, and I could go on.

But to save space and the sanity of everyone, I'd rather keep quiet about the unequivocal frustration I have with this team.
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