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Originally Posted by GOBB
Watch the OL run block then STFU
face it, he sucks, he complains about not getting the ball enough, then once he gets the ball MORE then enough he completely blows the opportunity AND the game for them, not to mention averaging 1.5 YPC in that game, absolutely terrible, last year he could have averaged more yards per carry with the C and LG without the rest of the line, hes supposed to be better then this and clearly hasnt shown it, get your head out of the sand and open your eyes, he should be playing better. 2 years back an old emmit smith did fairly well for the cards with a bit over 900 yards, 9 TDs and 3.5 YPC, their O-line hasnt depleted as much as people think and I think its getting a lot of smack because "james isnt doing good and that must mean the o-line isnt doing their job", hit your holes and bounce to the outside and maybe youll get more yards EJ
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