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1. I posted a video of E.James rushing. Watch it and report back to me what you saw. No nonsense either

2. The Cards OL is widely accepted as one of the worst OL's in the game. Before they made offseason addtions/signings to the OL is was bad. Even with them they show they arent any more good then they were prior to the additions. Leonard Davis is an overpaid 6'7 370lb LT. OG Milford Brown one of thier OL FA additions didnt play vs Chicago.

3. E.James is 1500yds 13td's removed from Indy. He comes to Arizona and isnt having a good year but he hasnt been used properly by the FIRED offensive coordinator nor has he had a OL to run block either. Proof is also in the youtube vid i posted showing E.James carries in the Bears game. Watch it and report what u saw...also keep an eye out for runs CALLED BACK due to penalty from guess who? OL.
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