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Default Re: South Park is back and freaking awesome!!

Dearest Theo:

I cannot apologize enough for the breadth of time that I have kept you in waiting, my dearest brother and only friend. I am glad to hear you have received my letters. What an awful thought to imagine them in the hands of drifters!

The townsfolk are warning of the squalor and filth present in the mouths of the fairer sex. I should learn to pay heed!

Oh, the days of our youth! The sweet memories flood to me in a torrent as if the dam that was holding them back has suddenly burst forth!
Do you recall Eugénie, the Loyer's daughter? What an arrant tramp of a woman! The villagers' hearsay conjures to me the memory of our wager at the innocent age of eighteen: I bet that no-good trollop five florin that she might not be able to ingest the seed of fifteen young bucks in one hour's time! Oh, stars, brilliant stars! The look upon her face when she came short but one man's treasure at the clocks last strike! Do you reminisce?

What pleasing memories permeate my soul! It is as if I could endure this vexatious existence for yet another day, as long as you were by my side, my dear Theo!

Alas, I must finish this letter and retire for the night. Tomorrow will come with swiftness, and I cannot be jaded when she does arrive, for in the morning, I am going to, as the villagers say, "do some cardio."
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