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Default Re: Are you letting the Nets down?

first of all, thanks to all you guys who cared to post.

secondly, i completely agree with recspecs.
as a fan i feel outraged about the lack of caring in those interviews. if i was a ticket holder i would feel personally disrespected and ready to tear the facility down.

what happened wednesday night was just not right on so many levels.

then after venting my spleen yesterday i found these interesting posts pointing out stuff that i had missed watching the game over a crappy internet feed:
Originally Posted by Netsfan99
There is something going on between (Carter) and Harris.

Especially when Harris doesn't pass the ball to him (because he is an idiot), VC gets frustrated when he is screaming for it, next posession when Harris does pass the ball to him, VC gives it back with "i dont want it anymore"....

examples are on that fast break when harris passed to hassel instead of VC during 1st quarter, and in 3rd quarter a similar situation but not a fast break.
Originally Posted by cody1234
Besides all the obvious bad things tonight, mostly free throws, just a couple of smaller things i noticed...

Vince almost never passes to Yi. I see Yi flash to the hoop or to the elbow and put his hands up when hes open and Vince never gives it to him. Just a lack of confidence in him? Anyone else notice?

Twice in this game, most obviously with about 5 minutes to go in the 3rd, Vince put his hands up when he was open but Devin didnt give him the ball. Then later in the play when Devin did give him the ball, Vince passed it right back as if to say "i dont want it now, forget it.." VC looked frustrated on that play and looked frustrated and disinterested the rest of the game. Vince has been a great leader and cheerleader this year but we did not see that tonight. Hopefully that sequence with Devin wasnt anything more than just the result of a bad night and not the start of some kind of ego / power struggle b/w our two stars.

at this point i'm starting to wonder about the veteran leadership, or maybe the lack thereof.

given that frank is probably more a coach who keeps guys on an even keel rather than fires them up, isn't it the veteran players' jobs to make sure a quarter like the 3rd doesn't happen? i mean, after carter there are a lot of 'young veterans' on this team, but where are the older hard-nosed veterans with a trace of charles oakley or a kmart in them? you know, the ones who bring an intensity to the table that, when positive, brings everyone together and inspires ferocious defense even when nobody can hit a jump shot?

najara was supposed to be it, i guess, but being chronically injured he doesn't have much latitude to speak out and walk the talk on the court.

godammit, something needs to be fixed here...
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