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Default Re: Will the Nets Ever pick up a 4 who can rebound and play D?

I think its a combination of both PF and SF. As far as the SF situation goes...i think we have a solid SF in Hayes right now, and also depending on which nights, you'll get production from the other SF's. But the problem is, i think that the SF's that we have are one dimensional. Hayes and Simmons are good 3 point shooters and can put up points when needed but they have to expand their game. (slashing, taking to the rim, rebounding, assists, mid range, etc) If they can work on these aspects then there will not be a need to fill that SF void. If they cannot better their game then we will need to invest in a SF like a Carmelo Anthony type of player that will instantly give that to you, and then have your backup SF like Hayes and Simmons coming off the bench to give us those 3's.

As far as the PF situation, i agree that you really dont know what your getting. The PF's we have now seem to me to be more of backup PF's. No one has really stepped it up with the attitude like "Im the Starting PF" We have a lot of potentials in Williams, Anderson, Yi, Boone, Najera...but whose going to really step it up? I think Najera or Anderson could be that dude. If not, then what the Nets orginzation is going to have to do is dump 2 of these PF's and pickup and instant starting PF (someone like an Emeka Okafur or Rasheed Wallace) ***note im not suggesting that we pick up these players, im just making reference them***

Kenny Smith said it best in his analysis of the Eastern Conference. Basically he said that the Nets and the Bulls can be stable playoff contenders for years to come if they just make one more major move...

I think that move will be what i talked about above.
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