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Default Re: I would take Jonny Flynn over both Rubio and Jennings

Johnny Flynn is amazing, I would risk a top 5 draft pick on him. The best small point gaurds, are Chris Paul, Steve Nash and Tony Parker. Flynn isn't as skilled as those guys, but he is more athletic and he has potential. What I like most about Flynn is his handle, no necessarily the smoothest but it's effective. He goes left as well as he goes right. Right now what seperates him from a guy like Tony Parker is polish, Parker has a ridiculously smooth handle and can finish at the rim like no other player....ever.

But he is closer to those guys then people think. He has a lot of creativity, and instincts that you can't teach. What he needs is polish. If he improves I could legitimately see him being an elite top 5 point gaurd for a long time.
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