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Default Re: Will the Nets Ever pick up a 4 who can rebound and play D?

Originally Posted by JerzeyBlaze
...what the Nets orginzation is going to have to do is dump 2 of these PF's and pickup and instant starting PF (someone like an Emeka Okafur or Rasheed Wallace) ***note im not suggesting that we pick up these players, im just making reference them***

Kenny Smith said it best in his analysis of the Eastern Conference. Basically he said that the Nets and the Bulls can be stable playoff contenders for years to come if they just make one more major move...

I think that move will be what i talked about above.
here's an idea- elton brand has been a bust and looks like a terrible fit for the sixers. not to mention they have very little need for him anyway with the great play of thaddeus young. i'm sure they've been wanting to unload his big, long contract but probably have had no serious offers.

they also need good shooters.

so send yi (a shooter), simmons (to match contracts), and the other dallas #1 pick we got in the kidd trade to the sixers for brand.

it solves a big roster and contract headache for the sixers and gives us a stud who should work far better in the nets offense than he did in the sixers fastbreak offense.

the negatives would be that it uses up simmons' $10 million that would have been free for 2010 and there's the question of whether brand will turn into an injury machine. but hey, okafur and wallace have big price tags too.

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