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Default Re: Will the Nets Ever pick up a 4 who can rebound and play D?

Originally Posted by JerzeyBlaze
Now thats the best thing ive heard all day. are there any openings for GM? lol..
heh, thanks.
i think that's the first trade scenerio i've ever imagined.

You know what i also think. I think that it would be a damn good idea if somehow the nets management/owners/etc can make a forum to where we the fans express our opinions, trade scenarios, and suggestions to these guys. Something that they can see and can respond to. Cause who else knows the nets better than the fans. Im not saying that we make the decisions, cause obviously that wont happen but some kind of 2 way feedback/communication between us nets fans and kiki...i think that would be kind of cool..
well, if you're a season ticket holder then you get to meet with thorn and vandy twice a season in a town hall format and put forth anything on your mind.

beyond that, there are hundreds of thousands of fans following each franchise and probably 99.9% of them are going to come up with crap ideas, so the challenge would be filtering out the junk to get to the good stuff.

i mean, if you have a good idea for how to do that then i'd love to see it work out...

i think part of the problem is not the fans' fault, either.
too often we're forced to rely on reporters for information, and yes, we do get to watch the games, but we also miss all the behind-the-scenes stuff taking place 24/7.

if some of us were allowed into practices or allowed to travel with the team and blog i'm sure we could have figured out a long time ago which players had serious issues (case in point, jeff mcginnis, linton whatever-his-name-was, the williamses) and when the coaches were failing to do a good job.
Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
I am not a fan of that trade at all....
lol, i'm not sure i am either. it was just a stray idea.

biggest problem i see with it, obviously, is that if brand isn't able to return to his all star level because of age / injuries, then we're totally completely screwed by the length of his contract.

is that what you meant?
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