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Default Re: Lebron a Net? Is this not even a discussion anymore?

Originally Posted by RichMo
So well put. All these events lead us to right now. WE NEED ANOTHER WRINKLE!! It would kill me if he went to the Knicks. Alot will ride on Brooklyn.

dont count on getting lbj. he's better off staying in cleveland for contract reasons and if they have a team prepped to win multiple titles, he won't be going nowhere. there was a good espn article about the summer of 2010 and how the only thing we can really confirm is that chris bosh will be wanting out of toronto. leading to the anti-climactic summer of free agency because of the economy and the fact that players can sign better contracts if they resign with their current teams.

we just have to hope to get the right pieces. i think we're two hard nosed defensive players away from getting a really good basketball team.
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