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Learning to shoot layups
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Sorry I dont agree with either point you made.Yes reggie evans does routinely kill the grizz which is when we mostly watch him play so he looks great when he is beating us down.Truth he is another ren okay rebounder and shot blocker a little younger then ren.If we could get him for cheap then I guess anything new I will try.Pau would not dominate every center besides shaq,ben, and yao.Pau is not strong enough to play 40 minutes of bashem basket ball on defesive end and then play cross you over style on offense.Pau needs a more accurate 15 footer then he would be returning all star.Look at elton his jumper was on this year and he kept his post up game intact.His numbers bloomed and he was in mvp talks.Ofcourse brand has alot of help pau has two worthy roleplayers and bum galore.
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