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Edge was a great, great running back while he was wearing the Colts uniform. He was something special to watch his first couple of years.

After his injury he suffered some loss in explosion - it was just a little, but the difference between a 2 yard gain & a 10 yard gain is dependant on the RB's ability to explode through the hole. The last few years in Indi he was a very capable running back but you also have to take into consideration that his numbers were somewhat inflated because of how much defensive attention Peyton & those wideouts took away from the running game. Very rarely would Edge see eight man fronts. That O-Line is a very good one, too.

All the dependant factors that weigh in on a RB having success were on the right side for Edge to succeed. Made it easier for him to do his thing.

He has skills. His pass protection is second to none as far as I'm concerned & he has adequet hands, he's a very good overall back. Just not elite anymore, in my opinion. He's second tier, with the Rudi Johnsons, Portis of the world.
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