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Originally Posted by Chamberlain
Skita played well overseas too. I'm so negative towards Bargnani it's not even funny. But I could very well be completely wrong. I just think he's the most risky player to take because you just don't know whats gonna happen when he comes to North America.

Not true! Skita was a 19 year old player that hardly ever played on the main squad. He was drafted because of how great he looked in practice, but was never really competed on the main squad, he was on the junior squad. Bargnani is already 20 and is a major contributor of a european powerhouse team on thier main squad. He is been scouted mainly because of how he plays on the court, not in the practice session.

I cannot believe how underreported how poorly scouts have done thier work scouting players in the past few years. When scouts were scouting players based on what they were doing in actual games and not in practice, they were doing an excellent job finding quality NBA players, But then they started going younger for guys that did not play on the main squad and/or rarely played on the main squad and were drafted because of thier size and practice habits, and tons of busts started coming! Thats why guys who were contributors in europe like Dirk, Peja, Gasol, have been stars in the league, and others like Skita, Welsh, Podkolzine, Korolev, Biendrins have not done anything in the league. All those players that succeeded were over 20 years old and were big contributors in europe, the ones that failed were under 20 years old, did not play on the main teams, and looked great in workouts. Of coarse the wildcard of all of them is Darko because he was extremely young, but was a starter and major contributor on a main team. What I saw of him in Orlando makes me believe he will break out big time next season.
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