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Default Re: Amare NOT returning for post season?

What post season? The only post season the Suns players will witness will be on the tube.

What should they do over the off-season:

Fire Steve Kerr

Deal away ANY player with value for draft picks. This organization has to rebuild from the ground up, not try to patch up holes with duct tape (i.e. overpay veterans past their primes). This includes Stoudamire. Nobody is exempt. If you can't get anything for them, give them their outright releases.

It will take a few years, but once you get some young pieces in place... THEN you go out and spend money to fill your needs.

Before they go out and get these players they have to decide what the teams identity is going to be. Is this a halfcourt team, or a transition team? You need to have the players & coach to jell with this identity. Right now there is no chemistry. We have a team primarily put together to play transition basketball, but with a stationary big man in there that can't run the floor and a coach who prefers a halfcourt strategy. It's an ill-conceived approach. I don't mind if our identity changes to a halfcourt team with the primary focus on defense... but if we go in that direction we had damn well better have the players & coach to fit that mold.
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