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Originally Posted by Carbine
Panthers/Bengals should be a good one.

Jaws was just speaking on Peppers moving around on the line. Bengals need to be aware of him at all times or Carson could be in for a long day.

Aware? Even rain man is aware of Peppers the key is to stop, contain his impact. I'm aware of Peppers taking a dump reading Sporting News. Can I stop Peppers or make his role in the game less vital for the Panthers D? That is the only thing Bengals should be worried about because double, triple Peppers still dominates. So you think of ways to go at, away, block, scheme him and hope for the best.

And why is Peppers the talk? Steve Smith is just as much of a threat on the other side. 2 game changers. Hopefully West Side doesnt show up with his stupid play by play crap.
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